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I’ve let the site sit for a year now, just to see if the muse would return. I work from home now, and my lair has been converted over to my home office. My models and bits have been packed up for a year with no sign of making a reappearance. It’s finally time to let the site go. It has served its purpose, but now I’m in a new chapter of my life’s story. Thanks to all of the friends and contacts I’ve made throughout the world.

“So long, and thanks for all the fish.” – Douglas Adams


YW7’s Retirement Sale – Round 1 (SM Armor)

If you missed my last post, I’ve decided to “retire” from the miniatures hobby. More details here if you’re interested in “why”: YoungWolf7’s Retirement.

This is the first round of what will be many I’m sure. It takes time to catalog and post all of this stuff, so rather than bore everyone with a 4 screen long wall of text I’m breaking it down into focused areas. The first wave will be Space Marine transports and flyers.

A few notes when dealing with me (if you haven’t before):

  • Preference will be given to lot sales. There is a further discount in that pricing to reflect it. If I get an offer on one Rhino, and someone else offers to buy all five, obviously I will take the offer for the five to move it all at once even if it came in later. If I have already agreed to a prior deal, I will NOT back out in favor of the lot sale. (I’ve had people do that to me and I know how annoying it is.)
  • Shipping is NOT included in these prices. I do my best to economize shipping options, but with the larger sizes involved in shipping vehicle sprues I just can’t eat the shipping cost.
  • I will always respond to any offer/email/inquiry, even if it’s to politely decline a lowball offer. Please do me the courtesy of maintaining communication throughout the transaction.
  • Payment will be required up front. PayPal is preferred, but other arrangements are acceptable. Please check my feedback if you are hesitant on this.
  • Although my preference is an outright sale, I am willing to entertain trade offers of a good condition Xbox 360 S 230 GB system (most recent black case version) or an Xbox One.

Space Marine Forge World Lot: $90 or priced individually below.

2 Forgeworld Space Marine Land Raider Reinforced Armour sets$25 each

  • 2 sets completely new in FW bag (not Chinese/Russian recasts)

2 Forgeworld Space Marine Rhino/Predator Reinforced Armour sets$25 each

  • 2 sets completely new in FW bag (not Chinese/Russian recasts)

Space Marine Vehicle Lot: $125 or priced individually below.

5 Space Marine Rhinos$27 each

  • 5 hulls completely NOS
  • Accessory sprues cut down for storage. All parts included.
  • 5 decal sheets
  • 3 sets of instructions

Space Marine Flyer Lot: $240 or priced individually below.

2 Space Marine Stormravens$60 each

  • 1 completely NOS
  • 1 mostly NOS, plasma cannons assembled, sprues cut down for shipping to me.
  • 2 decal sheets
  • 1 set of instructions

4 Space Marine Stormtalons$33 each

  • 4 completely NOS
  • 4 decal sheets
  • 3 sets of instructions

Thanks for looking. I hope to hear from you.

YoungWolf7’s Retirement

I’ve given this a lot of thought and done much soul-searching over the past six months. This has not been an easy decision to make, but I am retiring from the miniatures hobby altogether. I’ve been at this for nearly 28 years. My first painted miniature was a Ral Partha knight completed in 1987. I’ve been painting longer than many of the current pro painters have been alive.

I’ve struggled with Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD or osteoarthritis) for almost as long. After my battle(s) with cancer in 2007 & 2008, miniatures helped me to recover and rehabilitate my hands and my mind. There will always be a special place in my heart for miniatures and the hobby in general, but the creative fire burned out years ago. I’ve met a lot of interesting people over the past decade through the hobby, several of which will be lifelong friends despite the distances between us. For that I will always be grateful.

What to do with my sizable stockpile of miniatures and terrain? I’ll be selling it off over the next few months to raise funds to renovate The Lair in my basement into a casual game lounge for family board game nights and a couple of Xbox systems. Video games came into my life 8~9 years before miniatures. I love games, particularly video games, so I’m going to focus on my first love while my hands still allow me to.

As for the future of the website? The domain is paid through December 31, 2016. After that I won’t be renewing it and it will lapse. I’ll leave the site up as long as my gracious host allows, but I won’t be adding any new content other than occasional blog posts for mini sales.

So to any and all of you readers out there: “So long, and thanks for all the fish!



I had a great break from work last week and a wonderful Christmas with my family. I’ve been sucked into playing Destiny on the 360, so hobby time has been effectively cancelled until this itch is scratched.

My domain renewal is due on New Year’s. I’ve toyed with letting the domain and site go as it really has been languishing of late with very little traffic and no new content. I’ll keep it going though and see the rebuild through. Who knows what the next year or two may bring?


Paint Tests pt. 5

My article on Working With Glaze Medium still remains one of the most popular here on my blog. It gets a few to many hits a day, depending on where it was linked from. If you are not familiar with glazing, giving it a read through might help answer questions you might have. If not, please ask!

This time each miniature received a thin glaze to accentuate or alter the base colors and help smooth the transitions a bit. Notes are in each section. I’m using Liquitex Glaze Medium rather than the Vallejo used in the article. It dries very glossy, but comes in large quantity and is much more cost effective. I still have a couple of bottles of the Vallejo Glaze Medium, but I let those sit out for this.

White Test #1 – P3 Underbelly Blue

To try and add more depth to the shadow areas, I went with an overall glaze of 2:1:1 P3 Frostbite : P3 Underbelly Blue : P3 Ironhull Grey. It did help somewhat, but I’ll need to start a bit darker for the final version to get what I want.


WhiteTest-1-Final01 WhiteTest-1-Final02 WhiteTest-1-Final03 WhiteTest-1-Final04

White Test #2 – P3 Menoth White Base

To play around a bit, I gave this test a thin glaze using Higgins Fadeproof Yellow ink. I had the crazy idea that I could get this to be a shorter path to a pale yellow. It kind of worked, but would need much more work in order to be a clean yellow, like a Lamenter marine.


WhiteTest-2-Final01 WhiteTest-2-Final02 WhiteTest-2-Final03 WhiteTest-2-Final04

White Test #3 – P3 Frostbite

I applied the same glaze of 2:1:1 P3 Frostbite : P3 Underbelly Blue : P3 Ironhull Grey used on the first test as there was plenty left on the palette. It did help as you can see some definition in the shadows now.


WhiteTest-3-Final01 WhiteTest-3-Final02 WhiteTest-3-Final03 WhiteTest-3-Final04

White Test #4 – P3 ‘Thrall Flesh

With Death Guard in mind, I mixed up a glaze of Higgins Fadeproof Green ink and P3 Battle Dress Green. I applied it lightly overall. Once that was dry, I went back and added more in the shadows, recesses, and around the rivets. Still pretty clean for Death Guard, but that can be added to easily.


WhiteTest-4-Final01 WhiteTest-4-Final02 WhiteTest-4-Final03 WhiteTest-4-Final04

White Test #5 – P3 ‘Jack Bone

To add more depth and “age” the color a bit more, I mixed a glaze of P3 Khador Red Highlight and added a spot of Higgins Fadeproof Red ink. This was applied overall and it helped things “pop” more.


WhiteTest-5-Final01 WhiteTest-5-Final02 WhiteTest-5-Final03 WhiteTest-5-Final04

White Test #6 – P3 Trollblood Highlight

To play up the “dirty” aspect of this color, I made a glaze of the base P3 Trollblood Highlight color and applied liberally. I like how it came out and I’ll be keeping it in my back pocket for a future project.


WhiteTest-6-Final01 WhiteTest-6-Final02 WhiteTest-6-Final03 WhiteTest-6-Final04

White Test #7 – P3 Cryx Bane Highlight

This one received a fairly heavy glaze of P3 Battle Dress Green to push the khaki/olive idea. A couple more layers and it might get there.


WhiteTest-7-Final01 WhiteTest-7-Final02 WhiteTest-7-Final03 WhiteTest-7-Final04

White Test #8 – P3 Ironhull Grey

The Carcharodons are my third favorite Badab War chapter (behind Star Phantoms and Executioners respectively), so when I saw this going that way I decided to play it up with the idea of maybe painting a small detachment in the future. This received just a glaze of the base P3 Ironhull Grey to tie things back together. It would probably need one more pass


WhiteTest-8-Final01 WhiteTest-8-Final02 WhiteTest-8-Final03 WhiteTest-8-Final04

To wrap things up I’m on the right track with test #1. I just purchased some new brushes today (expect a review shortly) so i will get stuck back in trying to nail down this Star Phantoms color that I have in my head.


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